How to Prepare a Cast Iron Wok

This is done only with new woks, before use:

  • Wash with hot water, in and out, and dry
  • Heat on high heat until dry
  • Pour in cheap oil (OR pig oil – get some fatty pork and cut off the fat – place in wok to cook on low heat)
  • Spread oil around the whole wok
  • Once hot, then discard the oil (pour in bowl first then dump in garbage with cold)
  • Wash with warm/hot water (use scrub)
  • Dry the wok
  • Heat again (high heat) and pour oil in
  • Sautee cheap veggies in wok until cooked (swivel the veggies around the wok to clean wok) (cheap veggies = gau choi)
  • Dump out veggies
  • Clean with warm water

*Tip: After washing wok each night, dry the bottom (not necessarily the top), and place on the warm stovetop to dry