How to Dissect a Whole Chicken


  • Use scissors and a serrated knife
  • Snip at the joints then cut with the knife
  • Twist off the parts when possible
  • Snip off fat


  • Cut off all toe nails
  • Cut off the chicken feet first at the knee
  • Cut off the neck, then the head. Peel off the skin and cut off the fat on the neck.
  • Cut off the tail/butt and throw away.
  • Cut lateral to the backbone on both sides.
  • Store the feet, neck, and backbone in a container for later use in soup. Dump away the head.


  • Cut off any film you see on the inside. Then wash the whole chicken inside and out under cold running water.
  • Cut the chicken into pieces at the joints and any big parts into smaller parts. The drumsticks can be further cut up by cutting off the meat.