Pork and Preserved Egg Congee (皮蛋痩肉粥 – Pay Dan Sau Yuk Juk)


  • 1.5 cups rice
  • 10 cups water
  • 3/4lb lean pork, marinated with 3 tsp salt for 3-4 days
  • 2 preserved eggs


  • In pressure cooker, put in the rice (washed) and fill it up with water to 10-cup level.
  • Wash off the salt in the container of pork then add the pork into the pot.
  • Set the pressure cooker to “Congee” and “plus” time. It takes ~10min to boil and then it will cook for ~30min.
  • In the meantime, crack the preserved eggs (along with the outer coat of straw) and cut it up into small pieces.
  • Once the congee has finished cooking in the pressure cooker, take the pot out and cook it on the stove top. First use high heat to bring it to a boil.
  • Scoop up the meat onto a plate and separate it into “pulled pork”. Set aside.
  • Turn down to medium heat and stir congee constantly with a wooden spatula, until desired consistency is reached (~15min). Add a cup of water if it becomes too thick.
  • Add salt to taste. Add the preserved eggs. Once it’s boiling again, it’s done!
  • Ladle the congee into individual bowls and put pulled pork into each bowl.


  • Be careful when stirring congee on stove top as it will splash up!