How to Dissect Fresh Squid

Top is the stomach - bottom pic is the back 2013-09-16 17.52.57 2013-09-16 17.53.37 2013-09-16 17.54.09Materials:

  • Gloves
  • Scissors
  • Plate


  • Put the squid in the sink. Use gloves.
  • Make a longitudinal cut in the belly, starting at a hole at the end
  • Pull out all the intestines/insides
  • Using scissors, cut above and below the eyes, trying not to break the pouch holding the squid ink. Keep the tentacles, discard the eyes.
  • Peel off the dark skin on the outside and any membrane inside that you can get a hold of
  • Rinse all the parts and place in plate


  • On cutting board, cut the tentacles part into smaller pieces (e.g. 3 tentacles/piece) and cut the head part into two.
  • With the body, make a slit at the end that pops up so that it lays flat. Score the whole squid into checkers.
  • Cut the body in half, then cut into moderate sized pieces.