Ginseng Chicken Soup (花𣄃參煲雞湯 – Fa Kay Sum Bo Gai Tong)

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Clockwise from the top – dried longan, Canadian ginseng (I used slices of ginseng today because we were out of sticks), goji-berries, Chinese yam

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*Allow 2 hours from prep to finish


  • 1/2 a half-old-young chicken (boon lo luen) (OR 1.5lb or 4 chicken thigh)
  • 2 sticks Canadian or American ginseng (NOT Korean ginseng because it is “bo”/heat)
  • 6 slices Chinese yam (淮山)
  • 1 tbsp goji-berries (杞子)
  • 10 dried longan


  • Start boiling a pot of water enough to cover the chicken.
  • Put on your gloves. In the sink, cut off the chicken feet nails, any fat, and blood clots “yuen” from the chicken. Rinse the half you won’t be using under cold running water and store in a container for later use in the freezer. Put the other half in a dish.
  • When the water has boiled, put the chicken in, and boil for 3min. Meanwhile, rinse the dry ingredients and place in the pressure cooker.
  • Dump everything in the pot into the sink. Plug the drain and rinse the chicken with cold water, twice.
  • Place the chicken into the pressure cooker.
  • Add water to the pressure cooker until maximum. Turn it on to “Soup” and “Plus” time. It will take ~40min to cook; then allow ~20min for the pressure to reduce.


  • Buy a whole chicken and save half for later – ask the butcher to skin the chicken and chop it up
  • Half old-young chicken is used for soups

Good for:

  • Increasing energy, sore throat, “ching yeet” (remove heat)
  • Symptoms of heat/yeet hay: dry lips, thirsty (dry mouth), biting your cheeks, constipation