Salt and Pepper Prawns (椒鹽蝦 – Jeu Yim Ha)


  • 1lb medium tiger prawns, shell on/head removed
  • 2-3tsp flour
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Seasoned salt (“wah yim”)
  • Dried chilli flakes


  • Defrost the prawns in the fridge overnight. Then take it out and wash it under cold water. Drain into a colander and let it stand a while to drain in the fridge.
  • Take it out and coat with 1/2tsp salt and let it stand at room temperature for ~10min to marinate and to give it a crunch (“song”).
  • Rinse off the salt. Let it drain in the colander and give it a shake to make it as dry as possible.
  • Coat it with flour on a plate.
  • Heat up a wok and add ~1/2 inch oil (enough to cover one side of shrimp).
  • Bring it down to medium heat and one-by-one, place in 5-6 prawns at a time to fry. Fry ~1min each side until it is pink and curled up.
  • Transfer to a plate, and do the next batch until done.
  • Scoop up all the oil and bits in the wok into a bowl.
  • Return ~1tsp of the same oil into the wok. On medium heat (level 3-4), fry the garlic. Then add back in all the prawns and stir, coating with garlic.Add 2-3 shakes of seasoned salt and a pinch of dried chilli flakes. Stir and coat. (This is all a really quick stir).
  • Transfer to a plate.

Two examples of prawns (shrimp) you can use:

2013-09-18 16.13.39 2013-09-18 16.14.12    2013-09-21 19.56.20 2013-09-21 20.05.302013-09-21 20.22.54

After frying, scoop the leftover oil into a bowl and let it sit to cool down. Place the bowl on a plate because the oil is so hot. After dinner, you can place a coffee filter over a jar, then pour the oil on to let it slowly filter the oil overnight. You can use the filtered oil again for e.g. stirfrying veggies. Dump the leftover bits into the green bin.

2013-09-21 20.21.042013-09-21 20.59.562013-09-21 20.59.30


  • Ok, I had a really hard time finding “wah yim” in Seattle! So here’s a recipe (embedded) for it from Christine’s Recipes! Can you tell she is one of my favourite HK food blogs? This is my first time making it independently and I used chilli powder with good results:

Salt and pepper prawns