Green Mung Bean Sweet Soup Dessert (綠豆沙 – luk dau sa)


  • 1/2lb (200g) mung beans (綠豆), washed
  • 6 sprigs stinky grass (臭草) (optional) OR
  • a few sprigs seaweed (“hoi dai”), washed and soaked for 10min (optional)
  • Rock sugar


  • Boil 2L water in a medium pot.
  • Add in the mung beans and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for 1hr for a more beany consistency. Simmer for longer (~1.5hrs) for a thicker consistency.
  • At the end about 15min before it’s ready, add rock sugar, to taste. You may add the stinky grass and seaweed at this time, if using.