Tofu Puffs with Minced Pork, Peas, and Lotus Root (豆腐卜炆蓮藕豬肉碎 – Tofu pok mun lean au ju yuk sui)

Tofu puffs, minced pork, peas, lotus root IMG_0449

Adapted from LilyAnette.

My only changes were that I substituted the shallots and cilantro for 2 spring onions, and I sautéed the small-medium lotus root first, dished it up, and added it back in together with the tofu puffs. I couldn’t find real tofu puffs at Uwajimaya so I used fried tofu instead. It was a pity as I was craving tofu puffs 😦 …Actually I’m craving the tofu product that’s bright red in Chinese vegetarian platters (“jai”).. What are they called again?!