Wintermelon and Chicken Feet Soup (冬瓜雞腳湯)

Wintermelon and Chicken Feet Soup Wintermelon and Chicken Feet Soup


  • 20 fresh chicken feet
  • 1 large slice of wintermelon
  • 3 slices ginger
  • A handful of dried Chinese barley (san yee mai)
  • 8 pieces dried lily bulb (bak hup)
  • 6 pieces dried lotus seeds (leen jee)
  • Mushroom water (optional – I had it saved from soaking mushrooms for another dish)
  • 8 cups water


  • Rinse then soak the dried goods in warm water for 10min. Drain.
  • Pre-blanch the chicken feet in a large pot of water  for 3min to remove dirt and residue (you’ll notice a foamy sludge at the top by the end). Scoop up the chicken feet and rinse twice with cool water.
  • Scoop out the insides of the wintermelon and cut into large chunks.
  • Add everything into the pressure cooker. For the mushroom water, leave out the dirt at the bottom. Fill it almost to the max with water. Set to “Soup” and add time. When it’s done, let it decompress. Filter out the oil on top and add salt to taste.


  • This is supposed to be a cooling soup (due to the properties of the wintermelon) for these hot summer days so usually you’d put 1-2 slices of ginger only just to balance it a bit with the heat properties of ginger. I only put more because we’ve been eating a lot of watermelon already, which is also cooling, and I can totally feel the effects! So no need for more chill (we both tend to be cool people – hehe no pun intended)!
  • This is a very mellow soup… To make it sweeter, you can add corn or carrots, or 1/2lb of lean pork/pork bones. However I just feel that by then I won’t have room for water! I need a bigger pot…