Kitchen Round Up

These are a few dishes I tried recently 🙂

Lemongrass Chicken Yakiudon

Lemongrass chicken yakiudon

The yakiudon recipe is from Japanese Cooking 101 and the Vietnamese lemongrass chicken is from Rasa Malaysia, which were leftovers that I just reheated. For the lemongrass chicken, I substituted fish sauce for soy sauce, and used half an onion instead of shallots. Did not have chillies either, so I included white pepper in the chicken marinade.

This is my first time making yakiudon and frankly, I like udon in noodle soup better. I just think the texture of the noodles is better suited for it. Or, it could also be my technique as I used a cast iron pan – a nonstick pan might help the udon starch melt less…


Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan

This eggplant parmesan is from Sage Trifle after some Tastespotting. It was delicious as expected. I’ve been a guest at an Italian friend’s house and remember having three of them when everyone else had one! I unapologetically just kept serving myself – it was so good. As per the recipe I baked them at 400F for 15min, however my eggplants didn’t come out as soft. It’s probably because I had cut them quite thick. Should’ve tested them first, oh well. I also only used half the parmesan – just couldn’t bring myself to use that much cheese!

Sidenote: Like my new serving plate? =D


Baked Kale Chips

Kale chips

Although I don’t follow a paleo diet or any diets for that matter, just balanced meals, I can always trust Nom Nom Paleo for good recipes/tips and these kale chips are no exception. It must be the effects of [the end of ] summer cuz the bunch of kale I got was double the size the ones I got in the winter! (This was from a little over a month ago). So I used one bunch and extra virgin olive oil instead. I had to bake in two batches because that’s how much I got, and sadly, half of my first batch burnt! Should’ve kept an eye on it on my part, so for the second batch, I did it for 11min, and even then some were burnt 😦 10min next time! Also note to self: kale chips don’t stay crispy the next day!