Pan Fried Yellowfin Seabream Fish

Pan Fried Yellowfin Seabream Fish


This is a pretty good picture… Victor took it 😛 As I’m scurrying about in the kitchen, I sometimes ask Victor to take my pictures right out of the pan so that it’s optimal. It’s kind of funny: last time, I asked him to take more angles so that I can choose later, and well, this time he did. And yet, this was the only one I could use; all the other ones were out of focus, or were awkward… hehe… he tried 🙂 I kinda like this picture though… doesn’t it look like those biology specimen pictures? ❤

I wasn’t planning on getting fish the other day; just clams because they were on sale. But when I caught sight of the fish at the supermarket I couldn’t resist. They looked so fresh! Unfortunately, the one that I was eyeing was quickly snatched up by another lady, so I ended up getting these yellowfin seabream instead.

To tell the freshness of fish, the eyes have to be clear; no cloudiness at all. Secondly, flip up the gills and they should be bright red; not dull dark red. Do this and you’re set up for success!



  • 2 medium yellowfin seabream
  • 7 slices ginger
  • 2 sprigs green onion, chopped diagonally


  1. At the fish counter, ask the fishmonger to clean the fish (scale, de-gut, fins and tail cut).
  2. At home, rinse the fish under cool running water, cleaning out anything hanging loose in the cavities. With a knife, scrape off any remaining scale. If the fishmonger hadn’t already, cut off the fins and tails with a pair of scissors. Set on a plate and pat very dry.
  3. Place green onion and two slices of ginger in each fish cavity. This will help with getting rid of any fishy taste and smell.
  4. Heat up a cast iron pan or wok with ~3tbsp oil (There must be enough oil, otherwise the fish will be skinned bare when you flip it! I’m speaking from experience and had to call mum to ask why :P). Fry the ginger briefly.
  5. Turn the heat down to medium-high. Place the fish in the pan and don’t move it! Flip it after ~4min. If still not done, fry on each side once more and use the rim of the pan to cook the belly and back of the fish.
  6. Place on a wire rack before serving so that the underside doesn’t get soggy. Serve with a squirt of lemon, or mayo, or as is!