Kitchen Round Up Part 2 – Chinese

Chinese Yam with Apples and Corn Soup

Yam with apples and corn soup

This soup is from The Chinese Soup Lady. Some changes I made for convenience were: 6 chicken drumsticks instead of a whole chicken (make sure to still pre-blanch first), 6 pieces of dried Chinese yam in place of fresh yam, and 2 slices of ginger. See the corn? I had actually gotten them when they were super cheap last summer and I got the western supermarket to help me cut them into thirds. When I went home, I froze them to use in the winter! Do not defrost – just rinse them of the ice and use like bagged frozen veggies, otherwise it will become mushy.


Chinese Pickles

Chinese pickles Taro cake

For Chinese New Year, we went to a dumpling making party! It was very good – some of the filling combinations were new to us as they were sort of more Northern Chinese style. People also brought other dishes to go with the dumplings (which were so many that everyone had enough to bring home) like braised eggs, chicken drumsticks, and steamed fish. We brought these pickles, turnip cake (generously made by a friend from church), and taro cake, all of which were huge hits!


Clams with Black Bean Sauce

Clams with black bean sauce