New Toys! Kitchen Gadgets

dutch oven dutch oven Cast iron wok

I started a new job recently! I knew that I would have to meal prep on the days that I have off so I set out to find myself the toys that I’d been wanting since moving to Seattle but thought I’d hold out until absolutely necessary. And well, I decided that time was now! In order to make my kitchen efficient, I needed a new pot, and I knew that a dutch oven would provide the best versatility. Of course Le Creuset would be any girl’s dream, but I just couldn’t justify spending $300 on a pot! After scouring through reviews, it seems that Lodge was just as good, if not better, because of it’s rounded rim at the bottom. Now that I’ve cooked in it, I love it!! It browns meat so well, and I was so happy to see caramelization at the bottom, and not burnt residue! And to make stew/braise, the one pot is all you need – for browning meat, sauteeing veggies, and finally stewing! Awesome! The $50 is well worth it. BTW it’s on sale on RIGHT NOW! It was $70 when I got it and got a price adjustment when I luckily found that it went on sale!

The second gadget I got was a cast iron wok. Ideally I was looking for one with enamel on the bottom, which isn’t on this one. I didn’t have time to keep looking and I haven’t seen them around in Seattle, so I settled, and it’s been useful so far. I can fit a full bag of leafy veggies in the wok, and I can steam things more evenly now that I can fit a large plate in and lay the pork or whatever I’m cooking in a single layer. And I can steam a whole fish too because I can fit this bigger plate. Yay!

In the picture, I was seasoning the wok for the first time. I heated it up on high heat for 5min, added canola oil, then a bunch of Chinese chives and swirled it around on medium heat for 20min to coat the entire wok with the oil to develop a natural nonstick barrier.