This is a homemade-food blog that I started with my mom. I was about to get married and I said to her, “I don’t know how to cook!” As you may know, Chinese grandmas and mothers like to feed you, but often think you’re more of a nuisance than help if you try to get your hands dirty too. And yes, I was one of those kids who’s mom froze entrees for them in university so that all I had to do was cook rice and veggies and I’d have dinner ready! I was in university for seven years… HAHA! I know what you’re thinking… but I’m sorry, I can’t eat salads everyday. So in the end, I managed to get in one month of fast-tracked Chinese grocery shopping and cooking lessons from mom before my wedding, as I moved from Toronto, Canada to the US Pacific Northwest a week later. Hence, the beginnings of this blog includes a lot of information you may find basic only because although I can speak Cantonese quite well (thanks, grandma and grandpa!), I’m functionally illiterate! I know a word here and there (courtesy of Chinese school and Hacken Lee/Alan Tam 左麟右李演唱會2003 dvd), which helps tremendously when google translating. At least I can tell if it’s the word I’m looking for!

This food blog contains mostly (Hong Kong) Chinese food, opts for quick and easy over time-consuming traditional techniques if possible, errs on the healthy side (milk for cream, less sugar, appropriate amount of oil and salt), and does not believe in substitutes (e.g. spaghetti squash for pasta) – I just can’t trick my mind like that! – I would just see a plate full of veggies, which is fine, but I can’t call it pasta 😛 When listing ingredients, I use the most basic term, but obviously you can go white/brown/organic/free range/local… all those good words. I also use the pressure cooker a lot when making soups, stews, and congee. In case you were wondering how much my recipes make, I have a 6-quart electric pressure cooker.

Lastly, Jessamine is my dearest mom!



Photo credit: Christopher Luk Photography