Melon, Dried Shrimp, Vermicelli (蝦米粉絲煑節瓜 – Ha mai, fun see ju jeet gwa)

Jeet Gwa (節瓜) Ha Mai (蝦米) Fun See (粉絲) Ingredients: 1lb jeet gwa, cut up into rectangles 2tbsp dried shrimp 1 small bundle (~2oz) vermicelli 2-3 slices ginger 1tsp cooking wine 1 cup… Continue reading

Steamed Minced Pork Meatloaf (蒸肉餠 – Jing Yuk Bang)

Ingredients: 1lb mui tau pork (boon fay sau ‘half fat lean’) (OR lean pork and get butcher to mince it) 2 pieces Chinese mushroom, soaked (5-6hrs or overnight) and minced 1 piece dried… Continue reading

How to Prepare a Cast Iron Wok

This is done only with new woks, before use: Wash with hot water, in and out, and dry Heat on high heat until dry Pour in cheap oil (OR pig oil – get… Continue reading

Stirfry Pork Neck with Choy Sum (肉片炒菜心 – Yuk Peen Chau Choy Sum)

Ingredients: choy sum (yau choi) pork neck, sliced soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar   Directions:  In a small dish, add 2 squirts soy sauce, 1 tsp cornstarch,  2 sprinkles sugar (thickener) Sautee the veggies… Continue reading

How to Cook Rice on Stovetop

Measure the rice and water (the water level should come up to your finger double the height of the rice level) Put the pot of rice on the stovetop to boil, on high… Continue reading

Pork Soup

Ingredients: 2-3lb Pork (Sai see gwut) (Pork or pork bones for boiling soup) South and North Almond (lam but hun) Lor hon gor (a dried fruit) (OR mo fa gor (無花果), OR mut… Continue reading